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What is the advantages of heat pump dryer unit?

1.The heat pump dryer unit is a new type of energy conservation and emission reduction intelligent drying equipment which has integrated functions of heating, dehumidification and ventilation.
2. It adopts middle heat exchange dehumidification of double effect dehumidification technology, which will greatly enhance the dehumidification performance and energy-saving effect.
3. It breaks through technology bottleneck problem of traditional dehumidifier and normal heat pump dehumidification dryer : it solves the bad dehumidification performance and even idling (No water removal when compressor operating) technical problems for traditional dehumidifying equipment under the condition of high temperature and low humidity.

What is air source heat pump dryer unit?

Air source heat pump dryer unit is a new type of drying equipment. The heat pump can absor low temperature heat energy in the dryer exhaust gas and increase it. After the heat temperature is improved, it can be applied to heating the drying medium entering the dryer unit. At the same time, the moisture in the dryer exhasut gas will be cooled and condensed to liquid water and then will be discharged.