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【TFH-10HP】 Split Type Heat Pump Dryer

Heat pump dryer is use of reverse Carnot principle .With free air to absorb heat and transfer it to the drying chamber, drying room temperature to achieve improved, with the appropriate humidity and dehumidification equipment to achieve dry materials. heat pump dryer Compressor - heat exchangers - Chokes - heat sink (outside the machine) - Compressor and other devices constitute a refrigerant cycle system. Under the action of the compressor in the refrigerant circulating in the system flow, it is done in the gaseous booster compressor heating process (temperature up to 100 ℃), releasing it into the machine dry in room temperature air heated by the heat, while they have been and converted to liquid cooling flow, when it runs out machines, liquid absorbs heat quickly evaporates once again transformed into a gaseous state, while the temperature dropped to minus 20℃-30℃, then the air around the heat sink will continuously transferring heat to the refrigerant. Refrigerant continuous cycle to achieve the heat in the air transport to the drying room heating room air temperature to achieve the purpose of dry material

Dehydrator Use for :

Dry vegetables like Radish, lettuce, pumpkin, carrots, spinach, cassava etc

Dry fruits like Apple, lemon, mango slices, dried longan, dried longan etc

Dry meat: fish, Sausage, jery beef, duck, ham ect

Others it can dry noodle, wooden, stick incense, herbs, floers ect.

Dehydrator Functions:

Heating drying

Cooling drying

Heating +dehumidify drying

Buying Guides

Recommend Dryer+Drying Chamber Sizes
Item  Description  Product Capacity  Drying Chamber size
1  One unit TFH-03 dryer + drying chamber  150Kg / batch  3000*2000*2000mm
2  One unit TFH-05 dryer + drying chamber  500Kg / batch  5000*2800*2000mm
3  One unit TFH-10 dryer + drying chamber  1000Kg / batch  6000*3000*2000mm
4  Two units TFH-03 dryers + drying chamber  500Kg / batch  6000*2000*2000mm
5  Two units TFH-05 dryers + drying chamber  1000Kg / batch  8000*2800*2000mm
6  Two units TFH-10 dryers + drying chamber  2000Kg / batch  10000*3000*2000mm

Warm prompt: We can make any drying chamber sizes as your required

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Overal drying room dimension11.2
Room wall mateial/Polyurethane
Room wall thicknessMM100
Heating capacityKW19.5
Cooling capacityKW14.7
Power supplyV/PH/Hz380V/Three phase/50Hz
Power InputCompressorKW4.85
Evaporator KW14.7
Hot air circulating Fan motorKW0.75*3
Dehumidity Fan motorKW0.18*3
Total running currentA16.3
Dehumidification amountL/H27
Max. hot air temperature80
Working ambient temperature-5~35
CompressorTypeScroll type
Noise LeveldB (A)63
Hot air circulating fan motorPower input/Qty0.75*3
Wind volume5870*3
Fan motor quantity3
Air to air heat exhangermm610*580*1947
Dehumidity fan motorPower InputKW0.18*3
Wind volumem³/h3300*3
Size (mm)φ300
Fresh air valve (optional)Size (mm)700*200
Evaporator Fan morPower Input(KW)0.25*2
Winde Volumem³/h4800*2
Rotate Speed1360
Dimension (L*W*H)mm2660*1880*2230
Weight Net Weightkg880
Gross Weightkg950

TRANSFRIO Vegetable Dehydration Machine Features

1.   Energy saving & Environmental protection

Adopt close dehumidify + circulating drying type, saving operating cost;

Without waste gas and waste heat pollution, low noise

2.   Running Stable, operating easily

PLC + Touch Screen, running stable, operating easily;

Adopt PLC control, can setting different drying curve,

Suitable for drying different materials.

3.   Second waste heat recovery technology

Adopt air to air heat exchanger dehumidify and recovery waste heat at the same time, saving energy  more than 40%.

4.    Exact control temperature and humidity

According to different material setting different drying curve, the heat pump dryer can control the drying chamber temperature between 20-80℃

5.    Recovery volatilized component

Some kinds of material contain volatilized component, in drying processing, hot and wet air will become condenser water then drain, collect the condenser water so that collect volatilized component.

6.    Safe and reliable operation, automatic intelligent control, 24-hour continuous drying.

Stable operation without being influenced by weather

7.   Wide application, can be used in agricultural products, seafood, fruits and vegetables, fish, meat, nut, herb, wood drying systems