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Bamboo Shoots Drying

Purchase one 5 HP dryer unit for drying fresh bamboo shoots. Put 500kg fresh bamboo shoots in the drying room at a time and dry them for 34 hours until they are completely dried and present golden color. It is fantastic no matter in time,temperature, humidity or result.

Drying process:

Pick fresh bamboo shoots and cut them into slices, and then squeeze out some water and put them in the drying stage.

1.First stage: 1- 7 hours with 45,dehumidify them after reaching the temperature and keep the drying room with constant temperature and humidity in order to obtain good drying result.

2.Second stage: 7- 12 hours with 50, it is drying mode with time dehumidification, which can make bamboo shoots keep gold color.

3.Third stage: 12- 25 hours with 60, dehumidify them slowly and keep certain dryness.

4.Fourth stage: 25-34 hours with 65, dry them until they are completely dehydrated.