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Hot pepper Drying

Hot Pepper Drying Process:

1.Advisable stacked thickness: 20-30cm;

2.Advisable drying temperature: 60-75℃;

3.Piecewise drying method: It is a superior drying method for hot peppers. Firstly,dry those peppers who have 75-85moisture content in order to make its moisture contentbecome 50.Secondly, heap them up so as to make them sweating. Lastly, the hot peppers should be dried for second time. It will occur obvious softening and expansion phenomena in the whole drying process for hot peppers. Sweating method by heaping up is mainly applied for improving quality, namely, making chili oil penetrate outwards and promoting moisture content of hot peppers into balance.After that, the hot peppers will have  uniform color, ruddy and smooth surface. It will take 63 hours to dry 1000kg hot peppers under hot air temperature of 40- 60℃if not applying sweating method. However, the drying time can be reduced to about 40 hours and the disorderly yellow shell can be greatly reduced by this method.When dried for the second time after sweating, the hot peppers should not be stirred too much, otherwise, it will increase damage percentage and reduce sales price.Because of different quality and maturity, those peppers which are not dried for the first time should be picked out and then be dried again.