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Fish Drying

At present, there are various methods for both sea fish and fresh water fish drying. Compared to fresh water fish, the sea fish has smaller size and wider temperature requirements. Therefore, it has better drying quality. Except for traditional process of sun drying, there are many kinds of drying equipments in the market, each of which has no unified standard. Those dried fish will have uneven color, luster and nutrient content.If applying coal boiler, oil boiler or  wood burning equipment to dry fish, it will be bad for human health. So they are unableto be applied all the time.

In order to solve all kinds of problems in fish drying. Our company recommends you a new type of energy- saving fish drying equipment, namely air source heat pump dryer unit. It can transfer low temperature heat source which is inconvenient to use (like air an so on) to available high temperature heat source by absorbing heat in the air and then compressing it. Easily speaking, it can use a small amount of power supply to run the main machine which will turn low temperature air source to high temperature heat source in order to achieve desirable drying effect. Our drying unit is characterized in energy- saving, high temperature,waste heat recovery, intelligent control and so on. Therefore, It already has become the best and most advanced equipment in the present drying industry.