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Noodles Drying

Modern noodles drying process can be characterized in three categories :

1.High temperature and fast drying method:

This method is our Chinese traditional process, which can reach the highest temperature of 50more or less. The drying distance is 25- 30m and the time is about 2 to 2.5 hours. It has advantages of small investment and fast drying.However, It has disadvantages of unmanageable humidity and temperature,unstable product quality, frequent crispy surface occurrence and so on.Therefore, this old method has gradually replaced by other drying ways.
2. Low temperature and slow drying method:

It was brought in from Japan 1980s. The highest drying temperature is no more than 35, the distance is about 400m and time is as long as 7- 8 hours. This method is characterized in natural drying imitation, stable production and reliable quality. However, it can be only applied to some large and medium- sized factories because it has weakness of big investment, high drying cost,troublesome maintenance and so on.

3.Medium temperature and medium speed drying method:

Just because of shortcomings and deficiency of above two methods, the high temperature heat pump drying and humidifying unit is born. The heat pump dryer unit can precisely control the drying temperature and humidity so as to guarantee no crispy surface, no turbid noodles water when boiling. This method fully simulates natural drying and is characterized in small investment, low energy consumption, high production efficiency and good product quality.