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Sea Cucumber Drying

Because of its special quality, the sea cucumber should be preserved with modern technology in order to avoid natural dissolution. After being salvaged from the sea, the sea cucumber should be wrapped with coarse salt all over and can not touch each other. Otherwise, they will go bad. After being dried appropriately with coarse salt which will suck some water out, the sea cucumber should be processed for better preservation. Namley, they should be boiled with high temperature water and then be dried with modern process.

The heat pump drying process for sea cucumber is as follows:

For the preliminary drying, the temperature can be turned a little bit higher because the relative humidity is higher. And the drying temperature should be generally controlled within 45-60and no more than 60. Otherwise, the sea cucumber will be aging, dry cooked and lose ability to absorb water and swell. The drying cycle will be decided on its size and variety.