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Honeysuckle Drying

Heat pump dryer unit has become the best choice for honeysuckle drying nowadays.

The operating process is as follows:After pressurized by compressor, the high temperature and high pressure gas will enter into the condenser in the drying room and then the gas will be condensed to liquid by refrigerant, releasing high temperature heat for heating the drying room air. As a result, the material moisture will be evaporated and then the water vapor will be discharged through the dehumidifying system. In the way, the drying purpose can be achieved.

The honeysuckle drying machine applies American Copeland high- efficiency flexible scroll compressor. Besides, the condenser is composed of American high- efficiency spiral copper pipe and high- strength seamless stainless steel pipe. Therefore, the drying unit can not only withstand high temperature and high pressure, but also it can run stably and lastingly with 400% EER so as to save energy consumption cost greatly for enterprises.

In fact, honeysuckle not only has complicated drying process, but also it is very sensitive to changes of temperature and humidity. So it is not easy to get dry honeysuckle with good quality. In national standard for dry honeysuckle, only those honeysuckles which have uniform color, intact flower and appropriated humidity can be classified as good products. The key procedure for drying honeysuckle is enzymes deactivation. There are several drying procedures for ensuring good effect of enzymes deactivation: The temperature should be kept in 30- 35℃ for preliminary drying; After two hours, the temperature should be increased to 40℃ more or less; The temperature should be increased to 45- 50℃ for 10 hours after 5- 10 hours; At last, the temperature should be increased to 55- 58℃ and the highest one should be no more than 60℃ with 24 hours’ total drying time. The whole honeysuckle drying process can not be rushed, because its flower bud will turn black and quality will be lowered if dried too fast with high temperature. At the same time, honeysuckle will present yellowish white color and its quality will also be influenced if dried too long with lower temperature.

The honeysuckle drying unit is intelligently operated whose high quality drying process can be divided by time according to manual setting parameters. PaiWo brand honeysuckle drying unit is configured with intelligent control system, adjustable heating mode and automatic power down memory function. Therefore, its temperature can be flexibly set from low temperature to high temperature and it really achieves one key setting once for all. Compared with traditional drying process, PaiWo brand fully automatic intelligent drying unit will not need personnel management all day long which can save corresponding management fees for enterprises.