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Cordyceps Flowers Drying

Take the 5HP heat pump dryer unit with 25m3 drying room as a living example: Put 250kg cordyceps flowers into the drying room for 12 hours until they can be pinched to crumbles.

1. The newly cultivated cordyceps flowers can reach 87% moisture content. They should be dried with about 35℃ temperature for 3- 4 hours in the first drying process in order to discharge some water.

2. The moisture content will be decreased to about 65% after the first period drying. At this time, the cordyceps flowers should be dried with 45℃ for 5 hours in order to decrease the moisture content to about 30%. As a result, those flowers seem to be dry.

3. This is the ending process and the temperature should be turned to 55℃ for 3 hours until those flowers can be pinched to crumbles. After that, cordyceps flowers should be preserved after shutting down the drying unit.