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Incense Drying

Even though the incense production process is very easy, the traditional incense drying method can not satisfy people’s needs any longer in this society whose incense demand is much greater than its supply. The traditional incense drying method is as follows: set up a shed through occupying large areas of land and put the incense on it for sun drying. If it is a cloudy or rainy day, the incense will go moldy so as to influence its color. the uncontrollable environmental condition have become a block for many incense producers. Therefore, the modern drying process should be brought in for incense mass production.

The heat pump drying process for your better reference:

1. The preliminary temperature should be controlled at 45℃, humidity at 60%RH and the drying time within 5-6 hours.

2. The temperature should be adjusted to 50℃ with 3 hours drying time in the middle period.

3. For the ending period, the temperature should be adjusted to 55℃ with unadjusted humidity.

Generally speaking, the whole incense drying process should be mainly controlled at low and medium temperature. As a result, the dried incense will have uniform color, full bodied and evocative smell.