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Rosewood Drying

Matters need attention for rosewood drying:

Rosewood belongs to hard broadleaf timber, which is difficult to dry. It has many internal contents and big density. The moisture transfer channel inside of the wood is not very smooth. Therefore, it will occur surface hardening if the temperaure is too high during the drying process. Besides, it will occur external crack if the inside moisture can not be volatilized out and internal crack if the inside temperaure is not balanced with outside temperature. As a result, it will have bad effect on economic incomes.

The advantages of heat pump dryer unit for drying rosewood:

1. The wood can be heated evenly by applying hot air circulation heating. The ten drying periods can be adjusted for different temperature requirements in different moisture content phases. In this way, the moisture can be discharged evenly and the surface hardening and crack phenomena will be avoided.

2. The heat pump dryer unit is easy and convenient to operate with one key setting. The temperature and humidity are precisely controlled so as to save labor costs for enterprises.

3. The heat pump dryer unit employs air source for heating up, which will do no harm to environment. Besides, it applies medium temperature hot air circulation heating, which does not have potential safety hazards.