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White Fungus Drying

  • Drying material:White Jelly Fungus
  • Installation address:Tongjiang, China
  • Installation time:May 2015
  • Drying Chamber Volume:20 CBM
  • Heat pump dryer capacity:5HP
  • Drying capacity:

Cases Detail:

The drying room should be preheated to 40℃- 45℃ before white fungus drying. Put selected and washed white fungus on the drying trays, and then send them onto the racks in the drying room. At the beginning, the drying temperature should be controlled at 30℃ until the water content of white fungus piece is reduced to about 30%. And then, the temperature should be increased to 50- 60℃ for 6- 7 hours. When the white fungus is close to dry (the base is not completely dry), the temperature should be reduced to 30℃- 40℃ until the white fungus is completely dry (water content is 10%~13%).

If the white fungus is harvested in sunny days, it can be heated to semi- dry in the sun before entering into drying room. The dry white fungus has good color and aromatic flavor through combined drying way.

After drying, the white fungus should be well packaged in bags and then be preserved in dehumidifying room or refrigeration storage. Besides, the white fungus drying by using our heat pump dryer unit will not be influenced by weather so as to achieve mass drying.