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Honeysuckle Drying

  • Drying material:Honeysuckle
  • Installation address:Leshan, China
  • Installation time:May, 2013
  • Drying Chamber Volume:180 CBM
  • Heat pump dryer capacity:5HP x 6 units
  • Drying capacity:300kg

Cases Detail:

1.The temperature should be kept in 30- 35℃ for preliminary drying; After two hours, the temperature should be increased to 40℃ more or less; The temperature should be increased to 45- 50℃ for 10 hours after 5- 10 hours; At last, the temperature should be increased to 55- 58℃ and the highest one should be no more than 60℃ with 24 hours’ total drying time. The whole honeysuckle drying process can not be rushed, because its flower bud will turn black and quality will be lowered if dried too fast with high temperature. At the same time, honeysuckle will present yellowish white color and its quality will also be influenced if dried too long with lower temperature. For cloudy and rainy days, the honeysuckle should be dried with lukewarm temperature. Firstly, dry them with 35℃- 40℃ lukewarm temperature for 2- 3 hours, secondly, increase the temperature to 50℃ until the honeysuckles are 90 percent dry without damage. Generally speaking, 6- 7kg fresh honeysuckles will result in 1 kg dried product.

2. Drying standard: There is sound when pinching and it will be crumbles when grinding.

3. No matter for sun drying or baking, the honeysuckles can not be touched or stirred before the flower buds get dried. Otherwise, the flower buds will turn black which will lower the quality so as to influence the sales.